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January 30, 2012

Jan 31, 2012

[Research] A research team of Emory University verified Professor PARK Seong Hoe's xeno-transplantation. Professor Park of SNU's College of Medicine recently treated a monkey by transplating porcine islets of Langerhans. The Emory research team repeated the same process and the monkey survived more than 6 months without any rejections.
Published in Seoul Shinmun

[Events] Students from fourteen middle schools in Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do will have the opportunity to learn "how to study" from a group of SNU students. According to the Jecheon Office of Education Support, 24 members of Phronesis Nanoome, a volunteer group from SNU, will hold the "Jecheon Creativity Talent Camp" from January 30 to February 3. During the camp, SNU students will provide career counseling as well as share their know-how for studying.
Published in Yonhap News

[News Report] The Seoul District Court has ruled that national and public universities, including SNU, should return the 'school support association fee (Giseonghoe-bi)' to students since the account no longer has a legal basis. Unlike tuition and admission fees, the school support association fee is a voluntary membership fee, which the university cannot mandatorily impose on students. The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MEST) stated that it will appeal against the court decision and rearrange the legal basis through legislation. On the other hand, some students are urging that this ruling be applied to private schools as well.
Broadcasted on KBS

[Interview] In his interview with DongA Ilbo, Professor KWON Yong Jin of SNU's College of Medicine expressed his worries about the low rate of vaccination for children twelve and under (about 20-30%, while 60% on average) in low income families. Kwon emphasized the need for cooperation between public and private institutions to actively publicize the need for vaccinations.
Published in DongA Ilbo

[Events] Karl Barry SHARPLESS, a chair professor of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) and a Nobel Laureate in chemistry, will give a special lecture at SNU in October this year. Professor Sharpless won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2001 in recognition of developing a broadly useful catalytic oxidation.. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1963 and received his doctoral degree from Stanford University in 1968.
Published in Hankyoreh Shinmun

Summarized by LEE Tae Joon & LEE Ye Ha, SNU English Editors,
Proofread by Brett Johnson, SNU English Editor,