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February 7, 2012

Feb 08, 2012

[Research] The research team led by Professor SUH Kahp-Yang of SNU's College of Engineering developed a new fastening material which is three times more effective than typical Velcro. Professor Suh applied the structure of the fur on beetles' wings that allows the wings to be fixed on their body and their research was published as the cover paper of Advanced Material's January issue.
Published in Chosun Ilbo

[Research] Neopoly, a campus-based company at SNU, developed metal-induced lateral crystallization (MILC) technology that can be applied to the production of large-size organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). Low Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon (LTPS) technology, a commercially prevalent method as of now to crystallize raw silicon, has a weakness when it comes to producing large-size OLEDs due to its application of lasers. "MILC technology can solve such problems as it only crystallizes the critical parts after creating thin-film transistors (TFTs)," said Professor JOO Seung Ki of SNU's College of Engineering, who is also the CEO of Neopoly.
Published in HanKook Economic Daily

[Figures] Professor KIM Seong Kon of SNU's College of Humanities has been appointed president of the Korea Literature Translation Institute. Professor Kim was a pupil of Edward Said, the author of Orientalism, and he is a literary critic himself as well.
Published in Chosun Ilbo

[Figures] Professor PARK Byung Joo of SNU's College of Medicine has been appointed as the first president of the Korea Medication Safety Administration Institute.
Published in Segye Ilbo

[Figures] Ms. KIM Ha Eun was featured in Hankook Ilbo for being admitted into SNU's College of Music despite her physical disabilities. Ms. Kim's arms are congenitally shorter than other people, "which did not seriously bother me, but still made me feel daunted," she said. Kim added, "I think one's volition is more important than one's talent. My disability will never be an obstacle to achieving success in my life anymore."
Published in Hankook Ilbo

Summarized by LEE Chan Woo & LEE Ye Ha, SNU English Editors,
Proofread by Brett Johnson, SNU English Editor,