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SNU Introduction Video

The past, present, and future of SNU at a glance.

Advancing Industry

A look at some SNU graduates who helped pave the way for the technological and industrial advancement of the nation. Determinedly persevering through a challenging period, these pioneers achieved landmark accomplishments such as developing the first domestic automobile engine and laying the foundation for Korea’s semiconductor industry.

Leading the Way for Democracy

SNU played a pivotal role in Korea’s industrialization and democratization. Through historical accounts and interviews with family and colleagues, we revisit the lives of some of the pioneers of Korean democracy.

Forging New Paths

SNU aims to foster individuals who pioneer new paths. Here we introduce some remarkable individuals who believed in themselves.

A Community of Creativity

SNU is a community dedicated to creating new ideas. We talk with seven young researchers who share their creative processes.

Learning, Growing, Sharing

The main mission of SNU is to create an environment where learning flourishes. Students from a variety of majors and specializations share their experiences of studying at SNU.

Public Leadership

A great number of SNU alumni have devoted their lives to the public good. Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary General of the United Nations, is the perfect example.

Public Leadership

Pure Enthusiasm

One characteristic of SNU students is that they have a pure and innocent enthusiasm for their passions. No group exemplifies this attitude more than SNU’s loveable baseball team.

Pure Enthusiasm

A Tradition of Excellence (2008)

A Tradition of Excellence (2008)

Vision 2025 (2007)

Vision 2025 (2007)

SNU, Pride of Korea (2005)

SNU, Pride of Korea (2005)
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